I feel ecstatic & overjoyed to announce that we have completed four years of eventful growth in every part of schooling. The whole “Green Field Academy” family is marching ahead hand in hand towards a vision. It is a shared vision which we all share-seeing the beautiful flowers playing in the garden growing into well-balanced harmonious personalities.

So that at the time they leave there alma-matter, they stand confident and strong enough to face the challenges of life. Have you ever observed that a flower in itself is beautiful but a bouquet of flowers is prettier than a single flower, because a bouquet is an arrangement of various flowers in some interesting pattern. Same concept reflects in children.

Children are the gift of God. Each has some or the other imaginative and energetic thoughts and when the talents of a group of children are combined, it gives the effect of a bouquet. Human beings have the capacity to grow in their mental perceptions and expand their world view. They are able to do incredible things because of their sense of purpose and their determination. If we keep broadening our horizons and learning from experiences the world shall he at our feet. I take this opportunity to thank our Management. Director, teachers and parents for their support, efforts and dedication towards the school.

“Soar high and touch the Sky”

Neena Badesha

Special Features of the School