Believing in Oneself is what success is all about. Nothing is more powerful or lasting than the strong pillar of self-belief. In our school we give a deep feeling of compassion, love and understanding because it is only in an open and participative environment that the child’s potential will come to the surface.

Real learning does not occur under any type of stress or fear as it kills the synergy of the people who work. Our school, for each member of its family, is a happy learning experience where everybody has freedom to think freedom to act. freedom to learn, freedom to experiment and above all freedom to express. And I assure you to take Green Field Academy to enviable heights. We know we can’t achieve our goals if we work on the old models of schools, where top used to think and the ideas used to act. It was my dream to open up a school and impart education in the rural area.

It gives me great pleasure to put my dream into reality with combined effort of all.We have already started Smart classes keeping in view the Hi-tech need of today. And now in this new session. We have to work towards realizing our dreams, hopes and aspirations with hard work and enthusiasm. We are responsible for whatever we wish ourselves to be. So in this new session let’s think to be optimistic and have faith in you. I heartily appreciate our management, Principal, teachers, Parents, for their spontaneous help and response and I expect the same for further coming years.

“For a successful Flight, All you need is Two Wings of Desire”

Shishupal Singh Rawat

Special Features of the School